March Newsletter

With the days getting longer and Springtime just around the corner we leap into March with a renewed sense of excitement!

The children had a great time during our Valentine’s Day celebration. The LFP staff is so grateful for all the wonderful gifts we received from you on this special day. Thank you so much for your generosity.

 A special THANK YOU to all the parents that volunteered to be chaperones for the Post office filed trip. We appreciate your help in making this field trip possible.


*Parents, please remember to pack your child a lunch on a daily basis. If you forget your child’s lunch, please fill out an “I forgot my child’s lunch” note and hand it to a LFP staff member with your $5.00 payment. No IOU’s, please.

*Parents, please check your child’s “extra clothes Box” make sure that your child has enough extra clothes available at school by checking this box.

* Please remember to sign your child in and out on a daily basis. Signing your child in and out every day is a state preschool law. Failing to do so will result in Mrs. Johana calling you at work to come back to the preschool to sign your child in or out.